LP900 Granule Style Pot Washer


  • Forced ventilation system to minimise steam emissions
  • Soft -touch panel with multicolor key and LCD board
  • Double-wall body, fully insulated thermo-acoustic material
  • The optional service trolley facilitates the loading/unloading of the machine


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The patented system of the Granule 900 is now available to wash bigger sized backing pans, trays and pots.

The combined blast of water, detergent and granules - needed to remove the hardest dirt has now been combined with the efficiency of heat recovery. In this way the heat produced by the machine while working, is used to pre-heat the infeed cold water. This ensures an immediate energy saving of about 35%.

The steam coming out from the machine is cooled and condensed and will maintain an optimal temperature in your working area.

Dimensions 1095 x 910 x 2100mm

Rack 730mm

Useful height 635mm

Racks / hour 15/10/7/6/5/4

The LP900 Granule Style Pot Washer is suitable to wash items such as pots, pans, trays & utensils that are heavily soiled & difficult to clean in a standard dishwasher
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