• High Sparkle System

    Sparkling clean glasses with no hand polishing is a reality. Rhima's High Sparkle System works alongside your dishwasher & micro-filters the water removing salts & minerals to leave a truly spotless sparkling clean.

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    Sparkling clean glasses, no hand or manual polishing needed.
  • Optima 500

    The high performance Optima 500 is powerful, versatile and is perfect for small to medium sized restaurants. It also gives excellent results for glasses. It has the same features as the Optima 400, however it has a larger capacity.

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    Premium commercial dishwasher and glass washer
  • Optima 400

    The high performance Optima 400 is the perfect solution for coffee shops, lunch rooms, tea houses, bars and offices. Ideal for washing cups, saucers & glasses. Auto drain pump & 400 x 400 rack.

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    Small and powerful under bench commercial dishwasher. Energy saving, read out display and includes six programs including two clean cycles.