Buy Online Terms & Conditions

All transactions are covered by our general terms and conditions of sale. Below are additional terms, applicable for online sales only.

These conditions are not intended to limit your rights with respect to the Australian Consumer Law.


The warranty period is 12 months from date of shipment. Second hand equipment may have a limited warranty.

Warranty exclusions:

  • 8.1.1     defects or damage due to unauthorised, incorrect installation or incorrect use
  • 8.1.2.    defects arising out of normal wear and tear or neglect
  • 8.1.3     any service requirement
  • 8.1.4     service or parts relating to drain pumps
  • 8.1.5     defects to dishracks
  • 8.1.6     service or parts relating to inlet and outlet hoses & solenoid valves 
  • 8.1.7     adjustments to temperature, water levels, rinse aids, detergents or the like
  • 8.1.8     breakdown due to external influences including water pressure or temperature; interruption to electricity and/or gas supplies
  • 8.1.9     damage due to usage not in accordance with the operating instructions
  • 8.1.10   parts or machinery where the manufacturer’s seals have been broken
  • 8.1.11   warranty is carried out during normal business hours (AEST) and excludes travel and or call out expenses - Please note these costs must be pre-paid. Alternatively, you can freight the machine back to Rhima (back to base) for warranty repairs.
  • 8.1.12   goods with a volume of 1.5m3 (lxwxh) or less are to be returned to the Company for repair.

There is a big difference between warranty and service. Warranty is our commitment and obligation to ensure that our equipment should be free from defects in material and workmanship for a specified period and under "normal use and service", which does not include normal wear and tear or preventative maintenance service.  Service is a performance of work we supply to ensure our equipment operates as designed and to customer satisfaction.

Rhima will repair or replace any parts, which in Rhima’s sole judgement, are defective in material and/or workmanship. Warranty excludes travel and accommodation costs.

No responsibility will be accepted for repairs, defects or damages due to improper installation, misuse or neglect.

Parts required under warranty will be sent via normal transport and must be pre-paid. Defective parts must be correctly labelled and returned to Rhima upon request, via ordinary mail or by Rhima approved transport company. On receipt of defective part and if deemed to be covered under warranty, Rhima will re-imburse the cost of the part.

Commissioning of equipment can be carried out by Rhima to ensure correct operation and installation. Ask for details and costs.


Refunds are not provided when:

  • you have simply changed your mind
  • you have made a wrong selection
  • you have found the goods cheaper elsewhere

If you wish to return the goods to upgrade to a different model, please contact our online sales team.

Goods must be returned to us within 30 days of dispatch.

Goods Damaged in Transit

Online sales are ex-warehouse Melbourne, this means that you are responsible for insuring the goods for loss or damage during transport.

Machines are shipped with TIP-N-TELL monitored shipment label. If the tell arrow point is blue it means the package has been on its side or tipped over in transit. Make a note on bill of lading and check for damage. Any claims for damage depend on this notification. Please notify our online sales team immediately.

We must be notified of damaged goods within 24 hours of your receipt of goods.

Damaged goods must be returned in the condition received by you, including all packaging, accessories and manuals.


Please note that dishwashers are bulky and heavy items and certain models may require special unloading equipment.

We use external carriers to handle your delivery and we supply them with your details. If you miss a pre-arranged delivery time you may be liable for additional charges.

You agree to inspect the goods on delivery and make note of any discrepancies on the delivery note.