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The Optima HT Plus is a popular dishwasher for straight through operation. For the first time in the Rhima hood dishwashers range, the partial anticipated drain of waste water is introduced: thanks to the standard drain pump, wash waste water is partially drained before rinsing. So at each cycle, wash water is cleaner, already warm & added with detergent and rinse-aid.

The large rear venting hood has an ergonomic, wrap around handle which makes hood opening easy from all angles.

The Optima HT Plus is fully panelled for safety & hygiene with anti-clogging stainless steel wash & rinse arms.

This machine comes with an optional heat recovery system, which ultimately gives savings of about 35% on energy costs.
The Optima Plus HT-14 pass through machine is easy to use and comes with a heat recovery option which could give savings of up to 35% on energy costs.
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